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How to Use Sim Owner Details?

In today world mobile phones have become an essential part of daily human life.

Sim Owner Details 2024 | Sim Owner Information | Sim Database
Sim Owner Details 2024 | Sim Owner Information | Sim Database

In Pakistan, almost 80% of the population uses smartphone users. Now moving to the question How can people check their SIM owner Details? All Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) users can check SIM owner details in easy steps. Here are the steps you have to follow:

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  • Send an SMS by typing the shortcode MNP to 667 from your current SIM.
  • You received a message with your SIM owner’s name along with your CNIC number and registration date.

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Methd to Check Online SIM Owner Details

Here’s a simple guide on how to check SIM owner details on our website SimUpdates:

  1. Visit our website: Open your web browser and type in our website URL: Hit enter to visit our homepage.
  2. Navigate to the SIM owner details section: On our Homepage you’ll find a section dedicated to SIM owner details. It’s usually accessible from the main menu or prominently displayed on the homepage.
  3. Enter your SIM number: In the SIM owner details section you’ll find a search bar or a form. Here, enter the SIM number whose details you want to check. Please ensure that the number is entered accurately.
  4. Submit the form: After entering the SIM number click on the ‘Submit’ button or similar. Our system will then start processing your request.
  5. View the results: Within a few moments, you’ll be presented with the details associated with the SIM number you entered. The information typically includes the name of the SIM owner and other relevant details.

Remember, at SimUpdates, we value your privacy and security. All searches are confidential, and we ensure that your data is safe with us. Enjoy using SimUpdates!


Can we Check the SIM Owner Name?

Send an SMS by typing short code MNP to 667 from your current SIM.

Can I know on whose name SIM is Registered?

You can call customer care and ask for the registered name on your SIM card.

How can we Change the SIM Owner?

Both the current account holder and the person taking ownership of a mobile number must consent to the change. Also, both parties must prove their identity sufficiently.